custom printed tapes

For printing on these tapes we bought one of the newest machines in the series of machines for flexographic printing. This machine was produced to order and can print up to 3 colors.

We print branded tape BOPP tapes with acrylic glue – 32my.
Printed tapes:
– bring your company own production identity
– bring your company advertisement
– serve as a seal. If someone damages unauthorized product packaging, you can see that at first glance.
– These bands can also eg. with instructions for customers to be printed.
– These ribbons make image of your company.


They are made from a high quality material that is strong, ecological and well adhesive.

Demarcation bands :
Used mainly in the construction industry or sports activities. They prevent the entry of unauthorized persons. These tapes also serve as propaganda of your company in various social actions.

We hope that our production program is interesting for you and we look forward to our cooperation.

About our company Our company “potisk pásek sro” (Banddruckerei GmbH) specializes in the printing of self-adhesive tapes as well as non-adhesive demarcation tapes (caution tapes).

We deliver our products throughout Europe.

Our self-adhesive tapes are provided with an extra thick layer of glue so they stick fast, tight and well.
We print BOPP – 32μ!
Tapes with acrylate glue or hot-melt.

They are made of a high quality material, which is strong, ecological and good adhesive produced.


Non-adhesive bands in Br. 75 with one, two or three-color printing, for expressive delimitation of a specific room.

Non adhesive tapes are supplied with a universal print – RED WHITE STRIP. They are mainly used in the construction industry. We can print these ribbons with your logo or any other graphic according to your template. You can use these tapes as an advertisement for your company at various sporting, cultural or social events.

Our ribbons are made from LDPE film. These films are ecological and friendly to our environment and contain no toxic substances. The films are polyethylene-based and can be recycled. It is also possible to liquidate them thermally – combustion produces CO2, H2O and no toxic substances.

we print barrier tape
individually with your logo or advertising text
• we offer one-sided flexo printing with up to 3 printing colors
• the tape is available in basic color white or yellow

Material: High-quality PE foil 50my width Width : 75 mm ( standard) or 150 mm barrel lengths: 250, 330 or 500 m Delivery time: Individually printed barrier tapes will be delivered in 2 weeks after approval for printing

YOUR BENEFITS • Buy directly from the producer at reasonable prices • Top quality – film thickness 50 my • Delivery time in 2 weeks from print approval • Small quantity already from 1000 running meters (eg 4 rolls of 250 run length per roll) • tax-free EU delivery (if one VAT ID number available) • NO cliché cost for 1 or 2-color printing

Barrier tape is also commonly called a routing tape, warning tape, flutter tape, flutter line, police tape or warning cord.

• Shut-off of construction sites or other areas (for concerts, event
space , competitions, etc.) • Warning tapes for sports, art and cultural events
• For trade fairs and marketing campaigns
• For security around industrial companies